Outlet terminals TV + RD/SAT (5-2500 MHz)

The distribution sockets allow the distribution of the TV or SAT signal to the end devices in a TV or satellite installation. They are embedded in the wall and covered with a plastic trim.

To know which distribution socket is the appropriate one for your TV or satellite installation, you must be clear if you require an intermediate socket or a final outlet. The intermediate distribution socket allows the output of the signal to the final device and, in addition, it has a signal output that will take the cable to other sockets within the same installation. On the other hand, the final socket only has a signal input and outputs only the signal that will reach the destination device.

Active filters

AMP152 Base de toma direccional intermedia
Outlet terminals TV + RD/SAT (5-2500 MHz)

TV/FM intermediate socket

Toma de TV intermedia direccional empotrar CARACTERÍSTICAS DEL PRODUCTO Circuito Direccional Montaje Intermedia Banda de Frecuencia 47-862 Atenuación de conexión IN TV 7,5 dB IN RD 27,5 dB Atenuación de paso 2,5 dB Desacoplo de salida Salida TV ≤26 dB Salida RD ≤44 dB Desacoplo de TV/RD ≤20 dB

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