Tools and Fibre Optic Equipment

To perform a correct fiber optic installation, various tools and equipment for fibre measurement and fusion are required.

In our catalog we have a wide range of tools, such as scissors, peelers, splicers, manual and automatic cutters, etc. We also have fibre measurement and fusion equipment, such as high-precision fibre optic splicer or power meters.

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AMP946/1 Cortadora semiautomática para cables de fibra óptica de alta precisión con depósito de residuos 0,25/0,9 mm
Tools and Fibre Optic Equipment

Semi-automatic cleaver of high precision for...

Semi-automatic cleaver of high quality for fiber optic cables with waste tank to cut fiber optic cables in one easy step. Its high precision blade and twelve positions allows to make up to 36000 cuts. Supplied with case and spare blade.
AMP948 Fusionadora de alta precisión de fibra óptica con holder para conectores. Incluye cleaver y accesorios
Tools and Fibre Optic Equipment

High precision fiber optic splicer with holder...

Optical fiber fusion splicer is a mini fiber splicing equipment which is compactly designed, easy to carry and operation. It has an exquisite image-forming system and high precision image processing technology on fiber alignment which leads to its high proficiency in splicing and low loss. Its beautiful operation interface and body design which conforms...

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