Satellite dishes

We have a wide variety of satellite dishes for different uses and applications. The main application is the reception of satellite television signals.

We are a leading company in the distribution of satellite television antennas in galvanized steel from 40cm to 1.50m. All of these antennas have been meticulously designed and tested over many years. They are very robust antennas with excellent performance and finish.

In addition to our galvanized steel antennas, we have a wide catalog of SMC antennas from the Global Skyware brand, formerly known as Channel Master antennas. If you want to carry out a professional installation in Ku band, C band or Ka band, we have the products you need.

These antennas can be used only for reception (RxO) in television installations above all, or for reception and transmission (Rx / Tx), in internet installations or radio links. We have a wide variety of diameters, from 1m to 2.40m for the most demanding installations. The quality of Global Skyware antennas is recognized around the world. We have permanent stock.

If you need advice for your telecommunications installation, get in touch with us and we will help you choose the antenna that best suits your project.

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